What do Orangeries and Conservatories Cost?

I think it’s fair to say that an average orangery installation will be more involved and labour intensive than that needed to install a conservatory.

So just based on labour & materials, you can expect the cost of a fully fitted orangery to be more than that of a conservatory of the same size.

Most conservatories in the UK fall into the category of permitted developments and may be built without the need for prior planning permission. This may not be the case with an Orangery.

If you do need it, having to acquire planning permission before you start work will inevitably take time and have an associated cost.

There are rules & regulations regarding the construction of home extensions such as conservatories in the UK and you can find out more about that from your local authority.

orangeries compared to conservatories

How much time it takes to build?

Again, in general, because Orangeries can be more complex to build than a conservatory, they could take more time to complete.

If you take an average uPVC lean-to conservatory that utilises a pre-fabricated steel base, has full glass sides and a standard type roof (and does not need planning permission), it can be fully fitted in quite a short space of time.

Compare that to an Orangery that has extensive brickwork and a heavy solid roof. The construction will need to be quite robust with appropriate foundations and possibly need planning permission. You can clearly see that it’s almost certain to take a lot longer to finish.

Which is best, an Orangery or a Conservatory?

At the end-of-the-day, it usually comes down to personal preference and budget.

Contemporary budget conservatory designs make for some excellent examples of living spaces that are very functional and cost effective. But if you have the inclination, many top of the range bespoke conservatories can easily give Orangeries a run for their money.

Orangeries, on the other hand, offer what is often considered to be a more solid or permanent solution to increasing living space in the home.

Whilst not the cheapest way to extend a home, Orangeries do add significant visual appeal and also cost effective because they do add actual “measurable re-sale value” to a property. To compare you need to find out How Much Does a Lean to Conservatory Cost?

What do Orangeries and Conservatories Cost?