Why having a Trickle Vent in your Double Glazing is Important?

If you have ever come across the term Trickle Vent in regard to double glazing you might be thinking that this is some form of modern innovation which has been introduced to further increase the thermal efficiency of a double glazed window.

You would actually be mistaken.

In fact, the Trickle Vent referred to is a  type of opening fitted on the window to allow small amounts of ventilation into rooms that are intended to be ventilated naturally rather than by some mechanical means.

Double glazing is a very effective means of controlling the heat losses from within a building. The effectiveness of a double glazed installation will stop any draughts that may have been present previously.

Whilst draughts are the unwanted ingress of air from the outside, in stopping the draughts the window also limits the change of air within the room that draughts would otherwise have contributed.

Draughts are uncontrollable – what is required is a controlled form of ventilation.

trickle vent diagram side view

The air quality inside your home is important to help reduce or prevent mould, bad smells and damp that can lead to causing or worsening some types of allergies.

This build-up of condensation can be quite severe in todays’ well insulated homes

Whilst you may think it is a good idea, you should not have a room that is totally and constantly sealed off from fresh air.

Did you know that 4 people living in 1 house can generate several gallons of water vapour per week?

Trickle Vents help to keep a controlled amount of air circulating within the room and thus help eliminate these problems.

If you don’t have trickle vents, they can be fitted to both existing wooden or upvc conservatories without too much trouble, and the cost for including them at outset in a professionally installed conservatory or orangery is insignificant.

In summary, buildings need to be well insulated in order to reduce energy consumption and improve the comfort of the internal environment, but adequate ventilation is also necessary.

In modern buildings constructed to meet present day building standards some form of ventilation is also necessary & Trickle ventilation will satisfy that need. To find out more about modern replacement windows, check out this page: mylocalprices.co.uk/cost-guide/double-glazing-prices

Trickle Vents and Double Glazing