Why add French Patio doors to your living room?

With many homes having living / dining areas at the back of the property, if you don’t already have them, fitting a set of French doors can really make your room much better.

What are the advantages of French doors in your living area?

French Patio DoorsFirstly, they are going to give your room much more natural light than just a simple window. Being at least 2 metres wide by around 2.4 metres high for a 2 panel installation, they will let the sun flood in.

Having a brighter room makes it more enjoyable – and you won’t have to put the lights on so much during the day – that’s  going to save on energy costs.

The other main effect is almost psychological, in that the brighter room with a big set of glass doors will feel larger in your mind. With the outside being easily visible, it encourages a feeling of space & freedom.

There is also the fact that you can go in & out to the garden area with ease, enjoying your property as it should be enjoyed.

During warm weather you can have them fully open to let in loads of fresh air – very healthy!

When closed, modern French patio doors use multi-point locks to secure your home.

What types of options are there for French Doors?

Well, you can have them made out of timber, UPVC or aluminium. UPVC patio doors are relatively cheap if you shop around. Hardwood timber veneers on top of engineered wood is a good option – and can also keep costs down. Aluminium doors tend to be a little costlier than timber or UPVC.

UPVC & Aluminium come in many different colours – you can even add a wooodgrain effect to make them look like real timber.

French patio doors can have the classic Georgian appearance – basically looking like a checkerboard of smaller panes of glass. Alternatively, you can opt for full height glass one large pane from top to bottom.

Whichever way you are thinking of going, you will end up with a lovely addition to your property. Check out this French & Patio Doors Prices Guide 2020




Adding French Patio Doors to Your Home